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Hitchin, Hertfordshire - regular Sunday Ride



  • Next Sunday - 20 July - we're off to Epping Forest leaving Pine Hills @ 7.00am to be back in the afternoon. We have transport for 10 at present.

    Make sure you bring a spare tube, water (energy food?) and sleeved to protect your arms.

    See you Sunday - John
  • Dinger67Dinger67 Posts: 3
    Hi John,

    I am hoping to join you tomorrow morning (27th July) if that's ok.
    I have been mountain biking for years but generally I ride on my own as I do not know any groups in my area.
    I live in Barton-le-Clay, so I have ridden the hills near me but I'm hoping to discover new routes with your group.

    Cheers Leon. :D
  • Dinger67Dinger67 Posts: 3
    Thanks Mark and the guys for putting up with me this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the company. I will hopefully be joining you for many more in the future.
    I can't make it next week but hopefully be there on the 10th August.
    Cheers again, Leon. :D
  • Thanks to Mike for this mornings great ride, sorry my legs were shot in the last few miles, serves me right for doing 30 miles yesterday evening. It was nice to ride somewhere completely different for a change. Hope to see more of you next Sunday.
  • Great ride out this morning - brilliant sunshine & no gloopy mud or even no puddles!

    Although some are still on holiday we had 7 out and did a 27mi loop from Hitchin taking in: Ickleford, swinging around the top of Letchworth to Radwell. over to Bygrave, down towards Wallington, back to Clothall, down the brilliant track to Luffenhall, & back through Halls Green to Weston, Gravely & back to Hitchin.

    As we criss-crossed some of the roads we saw lots of road cyclists doing the Sportive UK Herts 100 - so it was pretty busy in these parts this morning...

    Hopefully we'll continue to get some decent weather - but we will be riding throughout the year - anyway.

    We always start from outside Pine Hills Hospital in Hitchin - 8.30am every Sunday for 2-3hrs in Hertfordshire's finest countryside....
  • Hi guys. I have just found this and I would be really interested to know if you are still doing this through the colder months. I wouldn't be able to make every Sunday, but would definitely be interested if you are still taking new people. I'm not a beginner, but I haven't done much actual MTB in a while. My fitness is a little lacking but I work hard!

    I hope to hear from someone soon!
  • Hi Red Devil Ghost - yes we're out every Sunday throughout the year and have only missed a few rides due to extremely adverse weather conditions.

    We have a wide range of age & fitness so I'm sure you'll fit in. We've had some fantastic weather in recent weeks with nice dry fast tracks & good sunshine. Although last Sunday started off a tad cold at 5c it soon warmed up & it was a glorious morning.

    We meet outside Pine Hills Hospital, Benslow Lane in Hitchin @ 8.30am and are gone by 8.35 so hopefully will see you one Sunday soon.

  • Hi John. My girlfriend starts work early this Sunday so I should have some free time, so all things being equal between now and then, I should be there this Sunday. I am looking forward to this - its been a while. I hope I'm completely knackered by the end.

    I am off to Hitchin for work tomorrow so will keep an eye out for the hospital but I am sure it won't be too hard to find.
  • Hi all. Will this still be on with the heavy fog? I know it's unlikely to get any views or replies before I set off but better than nothing.
  • Just a quick thank you to the guys riding in Hitchin today. I haven't ridden a bike for that long in a while, but it was fun and I'll definitely be joining you again in the future.
  • I won't be joining you this Sunday - my shoulder and down to the elbow has decided to go into spasm. I was thinking the small bump sensitivity on the front had gone. The nurse today believes its delayed from that so I'll get the girlfriend to have a prod and poke and try and release it a bit.

    Edit - Physio reckons 6-8 weeks of physio. I'll probably cut that a little short as the last two or three might just be after money. I will be back though!
  • Yep - we're still out braving the elements - ice, frost, sleet & snow & doing battle with the gloopy mud!
    Sounds like fun?

    We still meet outside the Pine Hills Hospital, Bensloe Lane in Hitchin @ 8.30am every Sunday for a 2-3hr ride around the local Singletrack. There is unrestricted parking along the road & the meeting point is just around from Hitchin Station.
  • Hi All

    Was looking to maybe join you on a ride on one of the upcoming Sundays. I have never been off road so am a little concerned. I see in earlier posts that the last Sunday of the month is good for newbies.

    Is this still the case?

    Many Thanks

  • Hi Chas
    We posted that to encourage newbies along - but really any Sunday is fine. We don't really do anything radical & the tracks around here are pretty tame. Rides have been very slow recently with the wet weather and riding through the gloopy mud - however it's certainly good for improving fitness for the summer when the going is much easier. Having said that last Sunday was pretty good - reasonably dry; not too cold and actual sunshine!

    We meet @ 8.30am and are gone by 8.35 & your most welcome.
    Outside the Pine Hills Hospital, Bensloe Lane, Hitchin.

    Wear a helmet - Bring a drink & a spare tube - See you soon - John
  • Are you guys riding tomorrow?
  • Hi Dakuan - sorry but I missed your post (I thought I used to get a notification when someone posted on my thread hm - ?) - anyway great to see you. Yes we're out & have had some good local rides this summer with some of the group going off to trail centres....

    Did a short one this morning - 21.5mi over Weston Hills & down one of our favourite long single tracks towards Lufenhall. We've also developed a couple of new local rides this summer. All our rides are posted on Garmin Connect - which I believe is linked to Strava - (my same username) although you really need to see them in an off road OS type of map 25k:1.

    We are out every Sunday morning for 2-3 hours meeting outside Pine Hills Hospital, Bensloe lane Hitchin at 8.30am & gone by 8.35!

    All are welcome...... John
  • Its been a while since I posted up her - but we are still out throughout the winter - although struggling at the moment to find some less muddy tracks - what with all the rain we have had.

    So - 8.30am outside Pine Hills Hospital, Benslow lane, Hitchin for 2-3 hours off road every Sunday. There is unrestricted parking along the road & its just around the corner from Hitchin Railway Station.

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