Stticky Brakes

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The brake pads on my cx bike seem to stick to the rim after hard braking - both front and rear on one side only. I can replicate this by pressing on the brake pad itself.

I initially thought the caliper could use some oil, but removing the wheels they open and close freely. Therefore, I am guessing that the brake pad is overlapping the rim slightly and gripping it.

Is this a fair prognosis / has anyone experienced this - pad sticking on the rim? And in which case, what do I do about it? Does the pad need re-aligning?



  • gbsahne001
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    have you tried adjusting the small screws on each arm of the cantilever? this is used to centre the pads to the wheel
  • team47b
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    Disconnect the cable to ascertain exactly which bit needs your attention, can sometimes be dirt in the cable, or spring tension as gbsahne said, always better to disassemble, clean oil/greese then adjust if necessary, in my experience.
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
  • supersonic
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    If the pad is overlapping you will see a lip on the pad - cut off with a stanley knife, then realign.
  • jawooga
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    Hi fellas. Thanks for the replies. I'll take a look today though I suspect the pad does need cutting down a bit and re-aligning slightly.