Raleigh to become Dutch

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    At one time had a 65% stake of the GB market.
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    When I walked in to a Raleigh dealership in the mid 1980's it was chock full of fantastic bikes, some as much as £650 for a top end Raleigh. Beautiful machines some of them, the frames oozed quality and care.....and then they closed Nottingham. Mind you I can still ride a Brooks saddle and fit a Carradice bag to my 87 Raleigh which is still going strong, none of which are Eastern battery farm tat.
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    It's a shame that Raleigh has never really clawed back its early reputation. I own a Raleigh Avanti carbon comp and it's a great bike - definitely as good as if not better than a lot of the popular makes. However, people just can't see past the name.
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    Tony-J wrote:
    Mind you I can still ride a Brooks saddle<snip> none of which are Eastern battery farm tat.
    are you sure?

    I wonder how this will affect all the Mainland Europe Raleighs which are currently painted and assembled in Germany? not sure if it was a license of the name or the sale of the name to Derby Cycle.
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    When I were a lad, I had a Record Sprint then a Quaser - happy days!
    Now adays, my bikes are made in Taiwan for Yankee companies.
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