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First XC Race - Recommendations

mgsmgs Posts: 12
edited April 2012 in XC and Enduro
I would like to get into XC racing, or at least give it a go, can anyone recommend a good first race? Ideally in the Midlands.

Would be good if it was one with other newbies too!

Thanks in advance,



  • u05harrisbu05harrisb Posts: 531
    If your in the midlands id pop down to rutland cycling or fineshades cycling. rent/demo some bikes and see what sort thing you fancy. you may well find some exdemo and display models still out. eg, look at the modraker podiums that they have, cracking deals at the momment! i have last years one that i got with the same deals, there great bikes!
  • mgsmgs Posts: 12
    Already got a decent xc bike and been riding for a few years. Just never got into racing and not sure which event to start with!
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    There's a Midlands XC series, or there's Mud, Sweat and Gears in the East or Southern XC in the south, so it depends how far you want to travel. Try for an idea of what events are going on near you.

    It's good fun!
  • Try the back on track bash series, the next race is top barn in Worcester on the 29th April, you can pay on the day and enter the individual race or the series. They're great fun!
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  • pilchpilch Posts: 1,136
    Depending on where you are based, you could try a couple of these

    The Friday Night Summer Series

    Now in its 21st year the Friday Night Series is the UK’s longest running
    amateur mountain bike racing series.

    Races run most friday nights from early may through to late August with venues around Northants and surrounding counties.

    You don’t need to be a member of a club to enter, or have a race licence - all you need is a bike and a helmet.
    The races are open to all, they last for about an hour, with categories that span across age and gender.

    Entry fees per race: £7 online/£8 on the night

    If its something that you have been looking at, or you just want to see how you stack up against your mates, the informal nature of these events is the perfect introduction to cross country mountain bike racing.
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    29er race

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  • RushmoreRushmore Posts: 674
    +1 for the Friday night summer series...

    They are the races I do.

    You get a good mix of abilities there...

    Although its still damn quick in the top half...
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