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gear and chain service

2wheelsonit2wheelsonit Posts: 72
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Having bought a used bike in great condition i decided to give the chain and gears a good clean as they were a little oily/gritty

Fortunately the chain has a powerlink so was off in seconds with no tools required. I cleaned this in white spirit by shaking it around in a bottle and then changing fluid and repeating (warning i wouldn't recommend a glass bottle as the chain kinks whilst being shook around making it impossible to get out of the bottle opening meaning i had to cut the bottle open when finished)

I hung the cleaned chain on the line to dry and then removed the jockey wheels from the Sram x7 these were also sounding a little gritty in their rotation i removed the caps from each side of the jockey wheels and cleaned them both thoroughly - the bearings seemed to be sealed but the movement and play seemed fine so i greased the sides added the caps and returned to the hanger and cleaning any dirt from it.

The chain now being dry i placed it in a bin bag squirted in a helping of scotoiler and gave it all a good work around/shake and let it soak in whilst i cleaned the rear cassette and front deraileur sprockets with some wd40 and elbow grease

I then wiped the excess lube from the chain by running it through a rag and reattached it to the bike i also found that the rear deraileur mount was loose whilst removing the jockey wheels which is another benefit of giving your bike a good hands on clean and service - you find potential issues before they become problems.

Took about an hour and i took the bike out for a spin the gears now feel even silkier, run quieter and change easier.


  • 1mancity21mancity2 Posts: 2,355
    Nice to see your doing the gritty part of the mtb curse, I love doing the cassette and deraileur it just makes you feel warm inside when its gleeming clean.

    But it never ends..........
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  • Yeah vicious circle.. to be honest i won't be cleaning in white spirit very often this was just an initial deep clean water and slight lube now again should suffice for a good while
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