Dirt Jump Bike Recommendation Please.

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Hi Guys,

I mainly ride XC, looking to get into DH when I have the skills and balls! But I live in London so I can only really ride at the weekends and because of work only one of the weekend days. There are however loads of pump tracks near to me which I've tried on my Stumpy but found it pretty unrewarding and so want to get a DJ bike to so I can ride more on pump tracks in the week. Can you recommend and good starter bike for me? Thanks.

Ps I'm assuming a DJ bike would be good for this sort of thing? I don't really fancy a BMX and I figured a DJ bike being smaller and more agile than what I currently ride would be good for it? Thanks.


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    Try asking on the Southern Downhill forum. There are quite a few dirt jumpers & freeriders on there. Personally I like the Giant STP.
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    Get a BMX!

    I used to ride one and I'd recommend one for anything that involves jumping and pump tracks. So much more responsive than a dirt jump bike (small wheels, steep angles, no forks squishing about under you etc)

    It'll teach you how to ride properly.

    Plus they are cheap and theres nowt to go wrong on them.

    But, they arent ideal unless the ground you're riding on is nice and smooth. If the pump tracks & jumps you have near you are a bit worse for wear then a DJ bike might be more comfortable for you. Dont know what to recommend, there seems to be so many about.
  • Thanks I'll try that other forum. I don't really fancy a BMX although I might try one out if I can to see...
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    The Saracen Amplitude is a good pump track bike I have found and can be found reasonably cheap.
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    I suspect he has bought a bike in the last 6 years!
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    He has bought a few since then, and has become a gnarly riding god. And races in Enduros.

    But as he hasn't logged on for three years, doubt he'll read the recommendation.
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