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Insurance - any suggestions please?

adamopadamop Posts: 2
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I am the proud owner of a mountain bike worth £2,200 and obviously I am keen to get this insured as soon as possible.
I was wondering what insurers other people have gone for and what sort of price bracket would be reasonable for this value of bike.
Any thoughts would be greatly received.


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    Some people take seperate insurance, some include it under their household policies.
    Mine is either in the house, on my roofrack or being ridden so I don't bother.
    Have a hack for if I feel the urge to ride to the shops.
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  • There are some good separate policies, however I cover my road and MTB's under my household policy with Marks & Spencer as they give the best cover.

    TT bike is covered elsewhere but thats as I need cover whilst racing - but do a quick google search and you will find something pretty good for what you want.
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    I use a company called ETA as I commute on mine everywhere in Summer.

    They do new for old cover so if my six year old Rockhopper that I leave locked with a Kryptonite lock by Ealing Broadway station every night in the dark away from any streetlights and sheltered from view of the road happened to go missing I'd get a brand new Rockhopper.

    That was all a joke and a lie by the way, my bikes in my hallway. But it is insured for that, you should check them out.
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