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Oh censored what have i done?! (Avid Elixir 3s)

SammiyeSammiye Posts: 61
edited February 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
...And Can i sort it out myself?!

So I was attempting to realign my girlfriend's calipers/brakepads using the old elastic band round the lever job. Figured i'd sorted it out ok as it wasnt rubbing too bad, but still a little bit. I noticed two extra allen bolts on the caliper itself and thought these might give me some finer adjustment. I opened them up slowly, and a few drops of fluid dripped out. Tightened them up super quick but now the brake lever is really spongy and doesn't really work properly.

What have i done? (presumably i've let the brake fluid out inadvertently) and can i just top it up or does it now need to be bled and all that.

Not particularly mechanically minded but I can manage basic maintenance etc etc. I'll gladly have a go at bleeding it all but as its my girlfriend, she's rather i censored my bike up first i think!

Any suggestions would be helpful. If i were to take it into the LBS, how much would they charge roughly for a brake bleed/adjust.



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