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London to Paris Cycle Ride - Advice welcome please!

Sarah_FireSarah_Fire Posts: 3
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I am a wholetime Firefighter with Dorset Fire and Rescue Service, last year unfortunately I was injured during a job and spent some time at Harcombe House on a rehabilitation programme, which is run by the Firefighters Charity to help serving and retired fire service personnel.

Having received such fantastic physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment through the Firefighters Charity, I have decided to get involved in one of charity’s challenges in order to give something back. Therefore, on 1 August 2012, I will be participating in the London to Paris Cycle Ride! I look forward to meeting the challenge and doing something beneficial for members of the fire community who are in need of support.

I have already started training, although I still don't have a road bike at the moment. It would be fantastic if anyone on here knows of a company which would be willing to donate or loan a road bike for the ride, or failing that, please advise me on a light weight road bike which wouldn't cost too much.

I am keen to know any information and recommendations on training, fundraising, kit etc etc from regular road cyclists and individuals who have participated in similar events please.

A link to my justgiving page can be found below if anyone would like to support me in my challenge and help the Firefighters Charity.

Thank you for your help, Sarah x


  • Jay dubbleUJay dubbleU Posts: 3,197
    Hi Sarah - first recommendation - don't buy a road bike - they are designed for racing not touring and if your not used to them they can be very uncomfortable unless you pay for a bike fitting which can be expensive - much better to get a decent tourer. The Edinburgh Bicycle Coop does good quality tourers at very reasonable prices. they are community orientated and who knows they may sponsor you - if you don't ask you don't get.

    Once you have the bike take a look at audax events - they are a good way to get used to doing long distance riding

    Good luck
  • Find a bike you like and get training - you can do it on a tourer which is usually heavier, or a full on road bike.

    I did it on the latter, I think you'd prefer the efficiency of it over the long distances. Whatever you use make sure you spend a bit of time making your position comfortable

    In terms of where to get a bike, keep your eye out on Ebay and the forums here. Buying 2nd hand is obviously going to give you much better value. Try and get it soon though so you can get used to it, and all the associated Lycra shennanigans :)
  • Ah thank you so much for your help and advice. I think I have decided to get a road bike, still training on my mountain bike at the moment... looking forward to swapping over! :)
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