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Exposure Flare rear light

Team4LukeTeam4Luke Posts: 597
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I have one of these on my main road bike, one of best lights around, I use it for day time riding, have it attached to my seatpost.
Wouldn't mind another for my winter bike but I have a saddle pack under there and not enough post showing to attach the Flare. It will attach to a seat stay (not secure enough) and also to the seat tube and point through and in between both stays, however both of those put it pointing at a daft angle. Any ideas anyone, could bodge some sort of wedge for the seat tube but won't be ideal. Shame doesn't come with some other mounts.
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  • ToeKneeToeKnee Posts: 376
    The appears to be a 'feature' of the mounts .. shame they're not adjustable but great lights all the same. You can use old tube or tyre to form a pad to adjust the angle.
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  • Team4LukeTeam4Luke Posts: 597
    actually I have just tried again, it fits almost perfect, I have it fitted to the seat tube, so it sticks out between the seat stays, looks very neat and tidy there too, the rubber band is holding it level upright although the mount is only touching the frame at the top on its corners. I will try and do a photo, good place this as it frees up your seatpost.
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  • Team4LukeTeam4Luke Posts: 597
    still need a rubber wedge to angle it up a little more, should be able to do away with my little light on the seapost now.

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