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Cycle computer for static trainer

djcozzerdjcozzer Posts: 36
Can anyone recommend a computer that runs off the back wheel to measure speed. My present jobbie doesn't seem to work from the rear. I've been following some of the workout plans with my new TACX and there are target speeds given Would be good to see if I'm up to speed. :D


  • GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
    I'd look at why your current one doesn't. They're all very similar, magnet on the wheel and a sensor on the frame.

    I use a bog standard one (can't remember the brand or model as it's at my other house) and put the sensor on the left hand chainstay and put the computer on the top tube.

    Just a note on speeds. Your measured speed will be the speed of the wheel turning. The effort you expend will be determined by the resistance setting on the turbo. To get an accurate set up you'll need to make sure the resistance is similar to riding on the road or the figures will be meaningless.
  • Mike raises a good point about speeds indoors.

    If you are going to get a new computer have you considered one that measures cadence? I personally find that a bit more meaningful and aim to hold a given cadence and then use the gears to effectively alter resistance.

    But got to agree about making your current one work as there is no reason why it shouldn't. For the record I use a Sigma 1609 STS fine from the back wheel but I id have to mount it on the Top Tube to get the signal to reach from the back wheel.
  • ProssPross Posts: 29,569
    My Polar CS200 doesn't work on the rear (or at least their manual says it doesn't) as it would greatly exceed the maximum distance from magnet to computer. I haven't tried it myself but from a quick Google it seems to be a common problem.
  • Hi all. Thanks for your responses. I have tried the one I have on the bike and would suggest I have experienced the problem described by Pross. I didn't mount it on the top tube though so that's worth a try. The bike will be permanently set in the turbo so I was looking for another anyway. I was considering a computer with cadence meter for the main steed. I was looking at the Boardman. Looks pretty handy for about £50.
  • I agree that cadence is more useful than speed. I was looking for a cheap computer with cadence function and picked up one from Tesco for £15. It now sits next to my regular computer which has HRM so I programme my rides around HR and cadence. Whilst dirt cheap, its more than capable of doing the job (even if its held on with cable ties) and as my bike will be strapped onto the turbo for the next few months (I am definitely a fair weather cyclist!) the cosmetics aren't an issue.
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  • RichjRichj Posts: 240
    Depending on your budget, I used a Cateye Strada Cadence (not the wireless version) which ran off the rear wheel. I now use a Garmin 500 with a speed and cadence sensor which is excellent.

    Both worked/work really well for turbo'ing
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