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LeicesterLadLeicesterLad Posts: 3,908
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Just put a Charge Spoon, currently on offer for £16.24 from £24.99 with a supposed saving of £8.75 in my basket with Free Delivery, but my basket is showing as £21.24 - Is this Wiggles Fault?


  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,534
    I dont see it at £16.24 anywhere on their website?
  • apreading wrote:
    I dont see it at £16.24 anywhere on their website?

    You are not wrong, its literally gone from 30% off to 15% off in the last couple of hours. Gutted. :x
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,534
    I think alot of their prices have been doing this - fortunately there are several items I ordered that I have seen since at higher prices, some just hours after the order. I have yet to see one go the wrong way, but I guess you have...!

    There is a 10% off code somewhere though I think, which would make it around £19 - so still a great price for a great saddle. At £16 I was thinking about buying a spare for future use though.
  • I think the code is 10-OFF

    Probably had to put their prices up again to cover the amount of packaging they sent me today! Only ordered a floor pump and it came in a box about 10 times to big for the pump and about 60 of those plastic air filled bags.
  • ILM Zero7ILM Zero7 Posts: 2,291
    the 10 off code has finished hasn't it?
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  • Just tried it and it worked in the checkout section :)
  • Make sure you untick the little box that adds £3.50 for "Priority handling" (Or something like that!)
    I ordered a pair of bibtights & a light set & was wondering why the total was more than the sum of both, then saw that little extra!
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