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Trance X2 or...

huntahunta Posts: 35
edited December 2011 in MTB buying advice
Just back from a few weeks in the USA, and had the chance to do a couple of days on rented bikes in Moab, UT (fantastic!). I hired a Trance X2 and was so impressed I'm seriously considering getting one for myself.

Before I do, anything I should know? Should I be considering anything else around the same price mark?

I also noticed that the price for the 2012 bike is a fair bit lower than the original price of the 2011 bike. Is that normal, or what could be going on?

Sorry for all the questions!


  • I got the Trance X1 and think its awesome
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  • add595add595 Posts: 196
    2012 bikes are cheaper just to keep up with other manufacturers who have lowered prices. Nothing to worry about, it is in fact a bonus!

    My 'old' 09 Trance x5 is superb. I know yours will be different, but I don't think you will be disappointed, especially as you have already trialled one and loved it.

    Remember bike choice is whatever suits you...
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  • 386ka386ka Posts: 479
    And the 2012 Trance will feature a new tapered head tube standard, that will boost fork stiffness. Would go for it deffo. PS, read my sig.
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  • huntahunta Posts: 35
    :-) Sounding good. Is there a good place I can read up on the differences for next year? Thanks.
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