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what headset do i need, what this hole for, what frame is it

buy_my_cookiesbuy_my_cookies Posts: 114
edited December 2011 in The workshop

I am putting together a new commuter using a 2nd hand dolan cyclcross frame i got on ebay. But i'm unsure what headset i need can anyone help?

tried to post images on here but some seem chopped on the side so posting a link to the photobucket album as weel


Also what is this small bolt hole on the back of the seat tube for? It doesnt look like any derailleur braze on ive ever seen. The only idea i have is that it was used to bolt a pully onto so you could use a bottom pull derailleur with cable routing at the top of frame. Anyone know?

also it would be great if anybody could tell me what bike the frame is from as i dont really know much about it. its 60cm thats all i know!



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