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PM won't send - why?

gds08gds08 Posts: 948
What the heck is going on with this site!! I've tried several times to send a PM to somebody and it keeps going into the 'Outbox' and then just sits there doing nothing. What have I got to do to make it send immediately. It seems ridiculous to me that we have to have an 'outbox' where things just sit for no obvious reason.

Can somebody please explain!!



  • It sits in the outbox until the recipient has read it..
  • gds08gds08 Posts: 948
    It sits in the outbox until the recipient has read it..

    I don't get it. I sent several earlier today which instantly showed up in the 'Sent' folder and they weren't read until later so how come this one is different? It doesn't make any sense. Surely something in the 'outbox' hasn't actually been sent so how on earth can the recipient read it? If I send an email it doesn't sit in an outbox until the recipient reads it, so what's the difference here. Seems overly complicated to me :? :?
  • gds08gds08 Posts: 948
    I've just tried a test by sending myself a PM and it went straight into my 'inbox' and didn't sit in the outbox until I'd read it, so what you're saying now makes even less sense!!
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    PM STAY IN THE OUT BOX TILL READ, what they do when sent to yourself is not the norm.
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