My Aerodynamic Wheels Project - I Need Your Answers

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Good afternoon, Cake Stop!

I hope we all managed to cope with a week without BR. I must admit I found it quite hard.

Over the past week I've been using all my free time to make a real start on my major project this year. I'm studying Product Design and Innovation. I'm in my fourth, and final year now.

For my main project I'm developing a product to allow the average cyclist to have some aero wheels without forking out a load of cash.

To help me get proof of some data that I already know, could you pretty please fill out my survey? It should only take a minute or two. Just click here!

I want to try and get at least 50 hits on this. My Quality Management lecturer said I should. He's the most referenced writer in Europe when it comes to his sort of stuff, so I guess I should trust him.

If you want you can even follow the progress of my project on this blog.



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    Tip, which, ahem, I have been told works very well for dissertation projects:

    If you don't have time, or don't get all of the experemental / survey data you need............ make it up !! It's amazing how it will then fit in with the results you want :D

    ps Survey completed.
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  • Thank you so much to all who have filled this out for me! Love you all loads!

    Please, keep them coming in. The more the merrier.

    I've been doing that for a few years now, Matt. But I think it's time to become an honest man.
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    University of Strathlyde? Some other glaring typos, you sure this isn't an elaborate Nigerian fraud! :-)

    p.s Survey completed.
  • Caught! I'll collect your bank details at a later date.

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    Another completed survey. Good luck with the project.

    Are you going to fill my current wheels in with a something to make them disk like?
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    I tried honestly to answer your questionnaire but couldn't, for lack of options.

    No. 8: "Durability" (at least, "other")

    No. 13: "Durability" (at least, "other")

    No. 14: "mimimal aerodynamic loss to recover(!)" or similar. (at least, "other").

    I'm really not being facetious. However, queries such as these should gracefully allow for any reasonable answer, that you may learn from them! These surveys aren't so easy to write as they appear.

    Also- wheelsets?! Whats wrong with just wheels?
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    Survey done.
    balthazar wrote:
    ... wheelsets?! Whats wrong with just wheels?
    On bikes everything comes in sets. Wheelset makes sense for a set of wheels (front and rear), frameset, headset, chainset, groupset etc.
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  • Disc covers have been done to death. Deep section fairings on the other hand ...

    I guess the way I have written it is sort of biased towards what I want to do.

    Just out of interest, Balthazar, what are your 'others'?
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    I'm confused, as the effect of aerodynamics is proportional to speed how can you make this work for slower riders? Unless of course you have invented the perpetual motion machine?
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    White Line wrote:
    Disc covers have been done to death. Deep section fairings on the other hand ...

    I guess the way I have written it is sort of biased towards what I want to do.

    Just out of interest, Balthazar, what are your 'others'?

    I'm not sure- but questions like these shouldn't be phrased to force respondents into a corner (your result is inaccurate data). There are innumerable reasons why people might choose new equipment. For instance— to me, durability is nearly always paramount, as I wrote. Others may have obscure agendas.

    "Other", though an in-specific option, at least shows you how many people don't favour any of the specified choices (they may be a majority, which will go unrecognised otherwise!) There are probably cleverer ways of framing the question to avoid the "Other" crutch, however.
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    I wasn't quite sure what to answer when it came to the "how many wheelsets do you own" question. I have four bikes, 3 of them roadies (2 x 9 speed and 1 x 10 sp) and 1 hybrid. Also, one set of winter/turbo wheels (10 sp) and two wheelset components (9 sp) that I haven't built up yet. Does that make, err, 4 (which is what I went for)?