3 great songs in a row?



  • The Smiths

    The Queen is Dead

    The boy with the thorn in his side
    Vicar in a tutu
    There is a light that never goes out
  • Talking Heads - Remain in Light

    1. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
    2. Crosseyed And Painless
    3. The Great Curve
    (The whole of side one of the record)
  • Nuggs
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    Thought 'Weddoes' was some obscure band I'd not heard of! Know the name 'the wedding present' but just looked them up on youtube and don't think I ever actually heard their stuff. Definitive album?
    As Cleat said earlier, Seamonsters is awesome.
  • jim453 wrote:
    No, I haven't.

    To be honest, I hardly even read the replies because I already knew the type of garbage people would be desperately trying to post. As it happens, on this thread there are fewer laughable posts than usual.

    But please do not kid yourself that the majority of replies to this type of thread are in any way honest. The whole thing reeks of individuals scouring their home media device/google in order to pick the music/artist/track that reveals themselves in what they hope is their best and most enigmatic light, and not necessarily the music they have been listening to for ninety-nine percent of their time.

    I'm quite sure individuals (the usual suspects) will now indignantly argue that they are, in fact being honest about their tastes and that they never ever sing along to coldplay in the car.

    But they would wouldn't they.

    Oh the irony! You pub psychologists are hilarious.

    Plenty of people like 'obscure' music. And don't like Coldplay and their ilk. It's just taste, no different to the kind of washing powder you prefer, not an attempt to be cool.
  • jim453
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    Thank you Nancy, really good point.


    I only sat down with a beer last night to indulge in a little light trolling. Let's try keep things in perspective.

    Crazy thing is, I've been driving up and down on the mower all afternoon contemplating the original question and I can do no better than three already mentioned albums.

    The stone roses. The stone roses.
    The wedding present. Bizzarro.
    Guns and Roses. Appetite for destruction.

    Any three consecutive songs off any of these outstanding albums would do.

    You're still all pretentious try hards though.
  • andysol
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    Old grey whistle test the coolest un cool music program ever.

    Dr Feel good


    Roxy Music

    Evidently i mostly have a FCN of 1. I'm now a lady!
  • Anonymous
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    I'd post my 3 up, but they are so obscure and I heard of them first, it would blow poor jim453's mind. :wink: