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LEJOG ride finished

pompypompy Posts: 127
edited September 2011 in Tour & expedition
Hi all,

I finished my LEJOG ride last friday and have just updated my blog:

While planning my trip, I found lots of good advice on this site so please feel free to ask me anything!


  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    congratulations - especially on a single speed!

    look forward to reading your blog in more detail as well.
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  • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
    Congratulations, and I agree with all your points in your final thoughts - very well put. Obviously with the exception of doing it on a single speed :D
  • Fantastic blog Mark and that's seriously impressive stats on a SS.

    Have been wanting to do LEJOG for a while and this has reminded me why (despite your observations about my home town! Which lots of people make when they do LEJOG :lol: ).

    What's your justgiving address...?

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  • Well done ...

    What a great ride, would love to take my Pompino on something like that one day .... !
  • pompypompy Posts: 127
    Thanks for all the kind words! Pastasauce, just go for it. SSpeeds are always marketed as for short, flat commutes but I don't see why they can't be used for touring. Apart from 2 punctures, I had no mechanical issues (apart from creaking BB!) so in that sense they are better.

    Popularname, my webpage is:

    Sorry about what I said too! I have been into the city before and it is actually a lovely city!
  • Done!
    >> Domane Four Series > Ridgeback Voyage
  • pompypompy Posts: 127
    That's brilliant! Thankyou very much x
  • lastantlastant Posts: 526
    Single speed?! Chapeau!

    Your final thoughts are pretty similar to those I had - great blog, thank you for putting the effort into writing it and getting it up there.
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