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SkippymonSkippymon Posts: 8
edited September 2011 in MTB buying advice
Hi all,

I've got a '98 Marin Bolinas Ridge with an old pair of Rock Shox forks on the front but the whole lot is getting quite tired. It needs a new dérailleur, chain, bottom bracket, pedals and tyres. I ride it regularly, mostly on the road and easy paths, but I like riding hard, doing wheelies and being able to crash up kerbs without denting the rim so a road bike won't do me.

I've been looking at new mountain bikes in the £300 to £500 range but have been left feeling disappointed that 13 years have passed and modern bikes are still as heavy as my Marin. It seems some parts have got lighter but they have added on heavier new parts such as disc brakes.

Now my problem is that I know I certainly don't need disc brakes - I've had V-brakes for 13 years and they stop me as quick as I want (and no my rims aren't worn through either). So I don't wont disc brakes. Trouble is only bottom spec bikes are sold with V-brakes these days.

Does anyone know of a decent mountain bike for sale new with good chainset, forks, fame etc and V-brakes as standard?



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