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Bike and Trailer

ohara227ohara227 Posts: 225
Offt well first wee outing with my new hybrid and the trailer. My mate and I shared it between us, with him on his road bike and I coudlnt keep up when I had the loaded trailer - which is to be expected!

Going from a 18 speed road bike to a 24 speed hybrid is a bit of a shock, slightly heaver and with the trailer 'its a joy'

Still its not as if we are cycling from Amsterdam to Brugge next month...oh wait we are! Intend to take days / hours about with trailer, so it wont be that bad but I might swap the Kenda Punctre resistant 700x35 to something else, perhaps a 28 conti sport contact which looks like it has less rolling resistance.

Bit sore and it was less than 10 miles!! I may have been a bit daft though, change of bike with less than a month to go!

Ps 10 miles plus on the road bike is easy, this isnt the first time I have been out of late incase your wondering!
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