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Garmin & MaxHR confusion

crakercraker Posts: 1,739
I've got a 405, I use it on my bike and when I run.

In Training Centre I've entrered all sorts of personal data including max hr + zones for both running and cycling (there's about 5% difference I think).

I was checking my profile on the 405 gadget yesterday and found the personal details section which included a Max HR which was neither of the values I'd entered in training centre. Now I'm not sure which zones I'm running / cycling in?

So does the 405 use the MaxHR input when setting up the watch (then calculate zones from that) or does it download it all from training centre and use the right MaxHR for your activity?



Edit - I read the manual

Calorie consumption is based in the user data in the watch. Zones are downloaded from training centre
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