1st adult hybrid 4 family days out?

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Hi there,

Glad I found you guys you seem to know a lot about bikes :wink: My daughter has just learnt to ride so we thought we would try doing some family cycles around our area as we've had some cycle paths developed where I live.

Anyways so I'm looking at a hybrid and want to be able to put panniers on it. So far only looked at the Carreras and Apollos in Halfords (as they are on sale!) Carrera was a lovely ride! Also had an offer on a Landrover hybrid for £70 (I didn't even know Landrover made bikes)

Does anyone have any recommendations or advice, especially on maybe picking up a secondhand one? Budget as little as possible but no more than £200.

Thanks in advance!


  • ince
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    Hi Spidee

    I have had a carrera subway 2 in the past. First bike I started commuting on and in my opinion a good place to start for the money.

    My only experience with Apollos was a £100 mountain bike I won. Not the best and very heavy.

    There are a lot of variations of the Hybrid out there, the Trek 7 series always seems to get good reviews by owners so may be worth a look as a second hand buy.