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Training week in the sun

RoadtartRoadtart Posts: 54
Having just built my riding / training plan for 2011/12, is the end of January too early for a week (hopefully 2) in the sun at a training camp?

Any recommendations?

I'm thinking the Wyndymilla one in Lanzarote at the moment, but suggestions are more than welcome.


  • vitesse169vitesse169 Posts: 420
    I've never been on an organised training camp - but tend to go away to the sun for a week late Feb.
    However, this year I'm changing. Me and a mate are going to Cyprus (staying with family) for 9 days late Nov. I'm trying to get LOTS of miles in in the endurance zone early on and then thru the winter try to build on that with 1 decent long ride per week and what ever else I can get in - if that is just 1 long ride a week and a short one, then that will have to do.
    for the last few years I have struggled to get miles in thru the dark/cold/wet and come the spring not been able to get the best from a visit to the sun.
    Of course, this may not work for you (or me) - I do think training plans are individual and what works for 1 rider may not work for another. The training principles are 'the same for all', but, you need to taylor it for you. The winter is really a time for building endurance, also depends on what/when your first event of 2012 is.....
    Sorry this may not be as helpful as you want...
  • Ron StuartRon Stuart Posts: 1,242
    I shall be in the Algarve mid February training as well as taking in the Tour of the Algarve. Fantastic four bed Villa (not ours) available at just over 300 euro for a week with very cheap food/drink restaurants or self catering. The fantastic Monchique Mountain roads just a 45min bike ride away and also the stunning west coast to explore.
    The Algarve has the best winter weather in Europe you can sit on the beach and have xmas lunch some years.
    Here's a couple of links to photos taken during winter, spring and autumn and also a link to the Villa site. ... ed0e427dcb ... 08e17e5b70

    There is also a luxury penthouse apartment available in Lagos also with two twin bedrooms.

    8) :lol:
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