Cineworld the Ryanair of the film industry

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Ok, is it me or is this just the way things are done now.
Booked the tickets online...charged a booking fee for the privilege.
Charged more because the film was in 3D...still can't get my head around that.
Pick and mix and all the gubbins...another small fortune.
Then when I thought that was it, a real kick in the b@lls when they want extra for the 3D glasses.
FFS I know the film industry is struggling with the piracy thing, but when it costs a small fortune to go to the cinema Its no wonder people chose other means of watching films.
Rant over and breath :D
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  • Martincan
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    I've never understood why they have an extra, separate charge for 3D glasses. It's not as though it's optional is it? They didn't used to charge for them.
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  • apple15
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    No the last time they gave them away, thats why I thought you paid extra for the 3D film itself.Oh well once bitten and all that.
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  • verylonglegs
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    A booking fee for cinema tickets? Hmmn that's getting a bit silly now. I'd be interested to know how much tickets are around the country now. It's shot up to £8 for a standard adult ticket at my local odeon which seems a little bit pricey to me. There is the orange wednesdays option but I stopped going on that night as it was full of people there for a cheap night out who'd talk and stuff their faces all the way through the maybe I should pay my £8 and stfu.....
  • Was Debbie does Dallas good in 3D then?
  • TuckerUK
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    Think of the poor actors struggling to make ends meet.
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  • apple15
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    Was Debbie does Dallas good in 3D then?

    Ahhhhh Thats why they call it the money shot!!!!

    I'll get me coat :lol:
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  • Ben6899
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    Cinema. The best way to waste 2hrs.

    If it's your thing, then fair enough. I love my films, but I only watch them when I have nothing better to do.

    HATE the cinema. Too dark! :D

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  • guinea
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    Vue also charge a booking fee.

    What I don't understand is why all the cinema chains treat you like crap. How long does it take to buy a ticket these days. Now all the big places seem to make you go to the food counter to get them. You end up in a queue behing a huge family buying nachos and plastic chease.

    It's such a horrible experience.
  • bobtbuilder
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    Cineworld do the Unlimited card which means you can go to as many films as you like for £13.99 per month. That's pretty good value IMO.

    OK, so a one-off trip like yours is pretty expensive, but if you see just 2 films per month you are already making a saving with the Unlimited card.