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Garmin and Windows 7

SteveR_100MilersSteveR_100Milers Posts: 5,987
Doesn't appear to work in sending courses to the device (a 205 Edge) using either Training Centre, or direct from bikeroutetoaster. Works fine in all modes in XP pro. Garmin support are useless, when I told them it worked ok in XP they closed the case, despite telling them W7 didn't work!

Any ideas?


  • rickwiggansrickwiggans Posts: 416
    Not much help, I know, but W7 works for me. Edge 705, and Edge 800, using Bikeroutetoaster. Not aware that I'm using any fancy settings, it just works.
  • s25scds25scd Posts: 84
    I wont be much use to you but i had same sort of issues with edge 800, I had to change the settings in windows 7 as i couldnt send anything to the device from garmin connect, I emailed garmin and they got back to me within 4 days or so. For the life of me I cant remember how to change the settings and deleted the email they sent which told me how to change settings on windows 7, it was just a case of unticking a setting and ticking another setting. im sure some techno fobe will be along shortly to explain!
  • Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 8,191
    I've got a 205 and I remember the hassles getting data to it and that was with XP. In the end I had to download a set of drivers from garmin. Is there nothing on the website about using garmins with W7?

    Also when you connect your garmin and right click the icon of it what does it say under the security/permissions tab bit?

    Also there was an update not long ago for the training centre software.
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  • The TC update completely screwed up my library. It waas once nicely integrated, now I have two sets of data - my tracks and imported tracks, as well as my courses and imported courses. I was thinking of getting a 500 and a garmin 1490 fro the car, b*gger that I'm getting a Tom Tom again!

    I'll try the menu from the icon on the task bar and see what is in it. There are some things on the garmin forums, but guess what, I cannot log in using my garmin connect login ID and password. However, when I try to register as a new user, it then tells me that there is already a user with that email address and to login with those details, and around the stupid loop we go again. The only website more ridiculous is the website (where you have to remember your user name in order to send yourself a reminder of your user name and password....unbelievable enough if it were a bank, but a site designed to help people with a chronic disease ffs) I digress; soap box away for a few minutes....
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