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Cycling shoes and flying, where to pack them?

JamesBJamesB Posts: 1,184
edited July 2011 in The bottom bracket
Off to Alps this weekend and last minute preps; if there`s one item cycle kit I don`t want lost its my SPD shoes ()metal plates).

So what advice about where to pack them , hand luggage with security checks or with bike in bike box?



  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    I always but mine in with the bike, they aren't going to be much good to you if the bike gets lost.
  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    I've always caried mine in hand luggage - never had any issues at all.

    Completely agree with nferrar above though.
  • JamesBJamesB Posts: 1,184
    anyone had any issues with teh hand luggae carriage then ?

    loss of a bike could be resolved by hiring one
  • dd1dd1 Posts: 73
    Always carry mine, (along with the pedals) in hand luggage or checked in luggage on the off chance something happens with the bike and I need to hire one. Never had any problems though
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  • geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,201
    As we'd ridden to the airport and would be riding away from the destination airport we wore our cycling shoes (and cycling kit) on the plane. I don't think our hand luggage would be allowed these days (tools, pedals, Sig bottle full of meths etc).
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  • morrisjemorrisje Posts: 507
    I flew to Majorca in February and Pyrenees in June. Both times I had shoes, pedals and a few small tools in my hand luggage. There were no questions at all when the bag went through the scanner.
    I think the general belief is that pedals cannot be used to hijack a plane.
  • JamesBJamesB Posts: 1,184
    I think the general belief is that pedals cannot be used to hijack a plane

    sounds a very sensible general belief too :)
  • usedtobefastusedtobefast Posts: 145
    Slightly off topic but I took a chain whip in hand luggage by accident once and only found out I was carrying it when I got to the other end ! I'm sure you could do some damage with one of those if you were so inclined.
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  • ChrisSAChrisSA Posts: 455
    I carried a 12" steel rule in and out of Europe for 15 months, without realising it was in my laptop bag. No one seemed to notice.

    Wednesday evening I was laughing at security at Dusseldorf, as I'd cable tied a case shut, and they coudn't open it, as no one was allowed scissors...
  • JamesBJamesB Posts: 1,184
    I was laughing at security

    is that a wise thing to do generally, I`m not sure how much excuse they need for a strip search :o
  • Le CommentateurLe Commentateur Posts: 4,099
    I was laughed at after they spotted what they thought was a rocket-propelled grenade but turned out actually to be a Phillppe Starck lemon squeezer.
    Never had much problem with bike stuff, except the one time in Italy I was asked to open and unpack my bike case. I deeply suspect the guy was a bike geek who was curious what I'd done their local gran fondo on (as I was hastily repacking it all he proudly informed me he owned a Colnago, easily trumping my lower-mid range Bianchi).
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