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PTP - Tour of Poland



  • CumulonimbusCumulonimbus Posts: 1,730
    GC: Martin

    Stage 1: Degenkolb
  • skutskut Posts: 371
    GC: Nibali

    St 1: JJ Haedo
  • alanjayalanjay Posts: 363
    GC Kennaugh
    S1 Sagan
  • FJSFJS Posts: 4,820
    Hm, with Szmyd not riding, can I have:

    GC: Marek Rutkiewicz

    St1: John Degenkolb
  • cal_stewartcal_stewart Posts: 1,840
    gc. sagan
    s1 sagan
    s2 sagan
    s3 sagan
    s4 sagan
    s5 sagan
    s6 sagan
    s7 sagan
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  • guineaguinea Posts: 1,177
    GC Sagan
    St1 Degenkolb
  • inkyfingersinkyfingers Posts: 4,400
    Ashamed to say that not only do I have no idea who is going to do well here, I actually don't really care...

    GC: Sagan
    Stage 1: Sagan
    "I have a lovely photo of a Camargue horse but will not post it now" (Frenchfighter - July 2013)
  • peterst6906peterst6906 Posts: 530
    GC - Dan Martin
    Stg 1 - Dengenkolb
  • stanislavstanislav Posts: 1,151
    GC; SAGAN.
    PTP winner 2015.
  • John MatrixJohn Matrix Posts: 249
    GC - Peter Sagan
    S1 - Dengenkolb
  • mr_pollmr_poll Posts: 1,547
    GC - Albasini
    S1 - Dengenkolb

    ty AFX
  • ridgeriderridgerider Posts: 2,845
    Change request...

    GC: Paul Martens

    Half man, Half bike
  • cogidubnuscogidubnus Posts: 860
    GC: Kennaugh
    1: sagen

  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    GC - Sagan
    Stage 1 - Sagan

    (Not sure if i'm too late as I'm away without internet access for most of the time)
  • kitten2010kitten2010 Posts: 211
    GC: Martin

    Stage 1 - Sagan
  • afx237viafx237vi Posts: 12,630
    Stage 2: I'll try Michael Matthews again. ... utput=html
  • Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 7,508
    St2: Degenkolb
    St3: Haussler
    St4: And a patriotic longshot Cummings
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  • ridgeriderridgerider Posts: 2,845
    s2: Michael Matthews
    Half man, Half bike
  • Tom BBTom BB Posts: 1,001
    Stage 2: Sagan please
  • mididoctorsmididoctors Posts: 12,944
    s2 Heinrich Haussler
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  • DeadCalmDeadCalm Posts: 4,023
    S2 Marcel Kittel please.
    Team My Man 2022:

    Antwan Tolhoek, Sam Oomen, Tom Dumoulin, Thymen Arensman, Remco Evenepoel, Benoît Cosnefroy, Tom Pidcock, Mark Cavendish, Romain Bardet
  • Stage 2 : Haussler

  • ms_treems_tree Posts: 1,405
    St 2 Blythe
    St 3 Rojas

    Thanks afx.
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    Neil Gaiman
  • Stage 2: Sagan
  • ms_treems_tree Posts: 1,405
    Ms Tree wrote:
    St 2 Blythe
    St 3 Rojas

    Thanks afx.
    Just realised Rojas not riding. :?
    St 3 Haussler again please
    'Google can bring back a hundred thousand answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.'
    Neil Gaiman
  • tforondatforonda Posts: 1,193
    Stage 2: Heinrich Haussler
  • Peter_KPeter_K Posts: 193
    St 2: Chicchi please
  • smithy21smithy21 Posts: 2,204
    Stage 2 Romain Feillu
  • SlimbodsSlimbods Posts: 321
    2: Heinrich HAUSSLER
  • dougzzdougzz Posts: 1,833
    Stg 2: Haussler
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