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  • rebsrebs Posts: 891
    GC Albasini
    Stage 1 Degenkolb
  • Ash_Ash_ Posts: 385
    GC :Dan Martin
    S1 : SAGAN Peter
    S2 : SAGAN Peter
    S3: SAGAN Peter
    S4 : NIBALI Vincenzo
    S5 : NIBALI Vincenzo
    S6 : NIBALI Vincenzo
    S7 : SAGAN Peter

  • stjohnswellstjohnswell Posts: 482
    On leave next week, here's the picks. Thanks afx.

    GC Nibali
    1 Sagan
    2 Sagan
    3 Sagan
    4 Nibali
    5 Scarponi
    6 Nibali
    7 Sagan
  • Sorry to be lazy, but I'm all PTPed out after the TDF!

    Can I just have Sagan for GC and every stage please!
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  • jp1985jp1985 Posts: 434
    GC: Sagan
    S1: Degenkolb
    S2: Sagan
    S3: Degenkolb
    S5: Sagan
    S6: Martin
    S 7: Degenkolb

  • eheh Posts: 4,854
    GC: Nibali
    Stage 1: Chicchi
  • ms_treems_tree Posts: 1,405
    GC Kiryienka
    St 1 Haussler

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  • GroupOfOne MkIIGroupOfOne MkII Posts: 1,289
    GC: Machado
  • cameronecamerone Posts: 1,232
    gc kennaugh
    1 degenkobv
    2 sagan
    3 sagan
  • scwxx77scwxx77 Posts: 1,469
    Overall: Daniel Martin
    Stage 1: Graeme Brown
    Winner: PTP Vuelta 2007 :wink:
  • msp3112msp3112 Posts: 102
    G C Sagan
    1 Degenkolb
    2 Sagan
  • theknowledgetheknowledge Posts: 223
    GC: Scarponi

    St1: Sagan
  • TusherTusher Posts: 2,762
    GC-Dan Martin
    Stage 1-Albasini
  • RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 26,456
    I can't really be bothered with this so:

    GC: Sagan

    Every stage: Sagan

    (I did this with EBH at Eneco, and it worked out OK)
    Twitter: @RichN95
  • SlimbodsSlimbods Posts: 321
    GC Nibali
    Stage 1 Sagan

  • blazerblazer Posts: 172
    GC: Scarponi
    St 1: Sagan

  • Neil McCNeil McC Posts: 625
    GC : Scarponi

    Stage 1 : Degenkolb

  • greeny12greeny12 Posts: 759
    GC: Scarponi

    St1: Bling Matthews

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  • rozzer32rozzer32 Posts: 3,683
    GC: Dan Martin

    Stage 1: Sagan
    ***** Pro Tour Pundit Champion 2020, 2018, 2017 & 2011 *****
  • GC: Dan Martin
    Stage 1: Degenkolb
  • Art VandelayArt Vandelay Posts: 1,982
    Hardest PTP of the season!
    GC: Ulissi
    St1: Feillu
    St2: Degenkolb
    St3: Degenkolb
    St4: Sagan
    St5: Sagan
    St6: Ulissi
    St7: Feillu
  • tforondatforonda Posts: 1,193
    GC: Vincenzo Nibali
    Stage 1: John Degenkolb
  • andypandyp Posts: 9,157
    Not a race you want to be on holiday for, as it's only clear who's riding with intent once it's started!

    Here's my guesses, I might change them if I have internet access whilst away.

    GC: Sagan
    S1: Degenkolb
    S2: JJ Haedo
    S3: Degenkolb
    S5: Sagan
    S6: Sagan
    S 7: Degenkolb
  • afx237viafx237vi Posts: 12,630
    For me:

    GC: Sagan
    Stage 1: Michael Matthews

    For ratsbeyfus:

    GC Dan Martin
    St 1. Swift
    St 2. Swift
    St 3. Swift
    St 4. Roche
    St 5. Henderson
    St 6. Henderson
    St 7. Dan Martin
  • cspcsp Posts: 777
    GC: Peter Sagan
    Stage 1: John Degenkolb
  • dougzzdougzz Posts: 1,833
    GC: Scarponi
    S1: Degenkolb
  • tailwindhometailwindhome Posts: 18,147
    GC Boonen
    St 1. Boonen
    St 2. Boonen
    St 3. Boonen
    St 4. Boonen
    St 5. Boonen
    St 6. Boonen
    St 7. Boonen

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  • Richrd2205Richrd2205 Posts: 1,267
    GC: Sagan
    S1: Degenkolb
  • ArkibalArkibal Posts: 850
    GC: Machado
    Stage 1: Sagan

  • SnorebensSnorebens Posts: 759
    GC - Dan Martin
    Stg 1 - Dengenkolb

    May this year be better than the two points last :roll:
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