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Time Crunched Cyclist and Indoor Training

m00nd0gm00nd0g Posts: 176
I am reading The Time Crunched Cyclist at present.
Due to commitments road miles are not always possible.
I train a lot using Rollers.
I always get a good work out and if I want more resistance quite simply change gear.
I also have a Turbo and dont enjoy it.
My question is if the book says train for 90 minutes on the open road how long should I train for using an indoor trainer.
I believe that using the indoor trainer I work harder and should reduce the time.
What do you do?


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    90 minutes. Don't confuse sweating more with working harder.
    More problems but still living....
  • phreakphreak Posts: 2,147
    I'd always believed that the 'turbo miles' thing was more to do with the fact that you a) can't free wheel, and b) don't have to stop for traffic lights etc., therefore you're getting a better quality ride per minute than you would on the road. Sweating doesn't really come into it.
  • jimmythecuckoojimmythecuckoo Posts: 4,438
    Where did you get the book from?, sounds good
  • DubaiNeilDubaiNeil Posts: 246
    @ jimmythcuckoo - The book is very good (IMO)...

    The last two times I have followed it, I used the turbo to match exactly what the workout stated.

    OK, the "warm down" part of the ride (when the intervals have finished but there is still ride time to complete at the lowest level heart rate) is not as much fun as on the road, but still necessary.

    I did however reduce the time frame of the session to the minimum quoted, rather than the maximum - which is what I tended to do on the road sessions.

    I used the turbo for the two "midweek" sessions, with road riding for the longer weekend rides - I wouldn't fancy a 3 hour turbo session to be honest!

    I also used some of the Sufferfest training films as a replacement for some of the TCC sessions - with no negative effects...

  • bilirubinbilirubin Posts: 225
    Where did you get the book from?, sounds good

    Hi Jimmy, I am just about to put my copy on Ebay, read once, condition is as good as new.

    Would you like me to come up with a good price which will include free P&P ?
  • m00nd0gm00nd0g Posts: 176
    Thanks for the replies.
    This is gona hurt:)
  • DubaiNeilDubaiNeil Posts: 246
    m00nd0g wrote:
    This is gona hurt:)

    Yes it is :wink:

    Make sure that you follow each step of the programme, as it progresses quite rapidly. The early sessions (week 1 & 2) may seem "easy" (depending on how much riding you were doing beforehand) - but don't worry by week 6 you'll be in bits!

    Also take note of the nutrition advice, for me the biggest differences (to my prior behaviour) was the pre and post ride routines/suggestions. If I don't follow them I feel & perform worse, and recover more slowly...

    I used it for targeting two specific events, and it worked well for me...

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