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Good location for 20min FTP test - SW London / Surrey area

leflef Posts: 728
So as the title says does anyone know of any good places for an FTP test that has no junctions or traffic lights for a long stretch of road and is relatively flat? I'd be doing it very early to avoid traffic too.

Previously I have done testing in Richmond Park before its open to cars but the hills and roundabouts mess the rhythm and figures up it up a little.


  • P_TuckerP_Tucker Posts: 1,878
    A turbo in your garage/kitchen?
  • weaponsweapons Posts: 367
    You could start at the hampton court end of Kingston Bridge, go down Hampton Court road, cross Hampton Court Bridge, go down Hurst road and maybe do a loop back on yourself if you need more road. Or just do loops of Hurst road. Or do it on a turbo.
  • leflef Posts: 728
    As I train outdoors I prefer to do the testing outdoors for consistency in figures. I hear the resistance of the turbo works against the pedal stroke which leads to the lower figures. From experience I agree turbo = lower figures.

    I'll take a look at the route you suggest. happy to hear any more suggestions on routes though...
  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    Richmond Park after 7pm is dead. It was so nice riding around there last night with no hold-ups whatsoever.

    Another one to do is start at Kingston bridge, go down the Hampton Court road and past Bushy to the big roundabout and turn right. Head towards Sunbury and down Lower Sunbury road/Thames street until you get to the Walton/Chertsey/Shepperton roundabout. Here's the route.

    It's 6.1 miles; so you can just go around the roundabout and go back and do exactly the same route. It's usually very quiet, has one or two set of lights (one pedestrian, one traffic) prior to Sunbury. I'd still say go with Richmond though, unless you wish to head out down the A24 in Dorking where time-trials take place.
  • leflef Posts: 728
    I usually train before 7am or after 7pm so miss a lot of the traffic. The issue is more with the hills both downhill and uphill as during testing I want to keep speed power and cadence relatively constant, but still do it on an open road. The A24 sounds like a very good option and cheers for the route link I'll check that out too.
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