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Tibial osteotomy

mz__jomz__jo Posts: 398
Has anyone had this type of operation (I hope I have got the name right, in french it is an ostéotomie tibiale)? Any advice for getting back on the bike afterwards (I am a tourist, not a racer). Do I need to do anything with my cleats? How soon to start using the hometrainer?
My surgeon says 6 weeks without putting my foot on the floor and 3-6 months for reconsolidating the bone.
I am planning to start using the hometrainer as soon as I can with the good leg only (with a fixed wheel, to help the pedal back up on the up stroke; I have tried this with a freewheel and it seems quite workable).
The op is next week - I will catch up with the forum the week after.
Any advice appreciated.
Cheers Jo


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