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Strange feeling behind the knee

280611280611 Posts: 3
I had a bike fit 6 months ago and my saddle was lowered quite a bit. I now feel far more comfortable, have no back pain at all and have more power.

However I have developed a strange feeling behind my left knee. I actually noticed it catching when I walked upstairs or up a slope. It would also catch when pedaling out of the saddle. Now the catching isn't so bad and gets less the further into a ride I am but I have a strange feeling behind my knee once on every pedal stroke, no pain, just annoying, like the leg is coming through as smoothly as the other one.

I have been riding for 20 years and have ridden thousands of miles with no knee problems.

Anyone experienced anything like this?


  • bluesparxbluesparx Posts: 62
    Could it just be your hamstring overstretching? I get grief if i don't stretch mine enough before or after a ride
  • Zoomer37Zoomer37 Posts: 725
    If you've cycled for over 20 yrs and only started developing this knee problem some time after the fit then perhaps the measurements are not quite right. Im sure they dont get it right all the time. Simple as it sounds id try raising the seat 3 - 5mm and ride with it for a while.

    I noticed a power increase with my riding in the past when I lowered the seat. Felt like my glutes were working more, but after a while my right knee started to ache which then turned into pain each time out on the bike. Made small adjustments to the seat height and dont suffer with it anymore.

    Stretching before and after riding is also important. Especially if your gunning it all the time
  • 280611280611 Posts: 3
    Hamstring :D Thank you!

    I think what's been going on is that after cycling so longer with my saddle too high the sudden change to the right height 'shortened' (or some other word I can't find) my hammy

    After a week of stretching and stretching it my 'bad' leg is now so smooth it makes my good leg feel stiff. So although I haven't completely ignored it I know I need to do the same extra work on my good side.
  • ex-pat scotex-pat scot Posts: 939
    +1 Hamstring.
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