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Looking to start racing in the South East area.

AlexJCookAlexJCook Posts: 108
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Hey guys.

New to the forum and new to proper xc riding.

I'm currently recovering from spinal surgery, but in a few months I should be perfectly fit and looking to get in to some proper races.

I'm not bad on a bike, have ridden on and off for a few years, a bit o everything on and off road. Done a few fun run road rides and did one of the last Beastway races before the track closed a few years ago, but that's the extent of my race experience.


I have no knowledge of what sort of regular events are happening, so could anyone advise me on where to look for some races/trail events in the South East area?

Thanks in advance, Alex.


  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Whereabouts in the South East? The Gorrick series are Berkshire/Hampshire way, run monthlyish from September to May. There's also a related enduro series 'Brass Monkey's that offer 2 or 4 hour events.

    The Southern XC series are a bit more serious, there's one in September. If you're more East than South there's Mud Sweat and Gears, although I don't know dates and what not.
  • AlexJCookAlexJCook Posts: 108
    Hey I'm in Kent, but willing to travel.

    What defines an 'Enduro' ? I've heard the term before but I don't know the difference between that and any other race.

    I'm expecting to be riding again around September, but probably not back to proper fitness until the Winter, are there still a lot of events in the Winter time?
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Enduro is a bit misused in this context, marathon would be closer, it's a time based event not laps. So at an XC race like the Gorricks you choose an ability category which has an associated number of laps - faster categories more laps, whilst with an Enduro you choose a time and it's all comers. There's plenty on in winter, more than summer if you want to stay local.
  • AlexJCookAlexJCook Posts: 108
    Awesome thanks a lot!

    Are there any particular sites I should look at which have reliable and up to date calenders?
  • panterpoppanterpop Posts: 19
    Try this, for a starter.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Had to get that in didn't you Pants?!

    Try, that's got all the info.
  • AlexJCookAlexJCook Posts: 108
    Thanks for the help guys.

    I got a few months out still, then a struggle ahead back to health now my spine includes some nice new titanium :)

    Be as many road miles as I can get in, then hitting the trails again ASAP. Pretty psyched up to get some races in!
  • boneyjoeboneyjoe Posts: 369
    Think the last Southern round is at Pippingford in early Sept, which isn't too far from Kent. Great venue, could be a good one to aim for, though suggest sticking to the Fun or Open cats, if you're just working your way back to full fitness.
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  • AlexJCookAlexJCook Posts: 108
    Early sept is going to be too early for anything, I'll be just about starting to venture off road again by then. My surgery was only three weeks ago. Will look at my first event probably late winter/early spring. I just really wanted to know what sort of thing was on and where to look, not really having been involved with the race community before.

    Thanks though, I will of course be looking for local venues and races when the time comes. So desperate to get back in the saddle!
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