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What type of training?

copperthorpecopperthorpe Posts: 82
Doing a 24hr cycle with 3 friends....each is riding 30 mls and resting until others have done their 30 mls.
What training would be best..specific to 30 mls spurts or something different,two experinced riders,one not as experienced & one has only been on a ' racer ' once? :?:

Ride is 8 weeks away!


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Depends on how you intend to ride it...........riding to complete it or riding to be the fastest?

    If you just want to complete it, I'd be doing building up to some long rides (since you are going to be around 8 hours in the saddle each on average) ie by now with the event 8 weeks away I'd be aiming to do one 4-5 hour ride each week comfortably, building up to a 6 hour ride each week with 2 weeks to go. Mix this up with shorter, faster rides the rest of the week.
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