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First time on TT bike for ages, achilles strain?

JimboPlobJimboPlob Posts: 397

So I have had an achillies problem on my LEFT side from running whcih gave me problems on the bike for about 2 months. I sorted that and have been riding fine since.

Today, I took my TT bike out for the first time in age (30 miles). I am not 100% sure why, but before I did I raised the saddle about 3mm.

When out riding, I noticed that after hills my RIGHT achilles was aching, but not really painful.

Now I have been back a few hours its a little painful when going down stairs.

I am guessing this is becuase of a saddle that was slightly too high, so I have dropped it the 3mm again.

Have I screwed myself again, or will a few days off see me right.


  • MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
    If the pain is not too bad, you'll probably be ok after a day or 2s rest. Most likely just a strain or pulled it funny than anything serious.
  • JimboPlobJimboPlob Posts: 397
    On my 2nd day of rest. The pain seems to be just above my heel and is fine when I first start walking but gets worse after walking for a few minutes.

    There is no swelling, redness or creaking (like my long term LEFT Achilles injury had).

    The pain is noticeable when I go onto tip toes and lower down (just to the point before my heel touches the floor).

    I am wondering if this was a technique issue with the way i was riding hills on the TT bike. I sat upright, on the bullhorns and sat back on the saddle and pushed a fairly big wattage (for me at around 70RPM) i.e. maybe I was dropping my heel in a position that was too high?

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