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First "proper" weights session since meningitis

coombsfhcoombsfh Posts: 186
I just had my first "proper" weights session since viral meningitis nearly a month ago and blimey do I know about it.

My endurance is down, strength on some exercises is down too :cry: However, I know I have the ability to A) be exceedingly strict with myself and B) have a lot of time over summer to get back to "normal" 100-105 kg.

Pooped as I am I will do a bit of light grip training later and then up early for cycle and kettlebell tomorrow. I will start with weights one day and a rest day of kettlebell and bike (on top of daily usage) and gradually build up to something like what I was doing before. Still have the dreaded deadlifts to re-discover; they have previously been a favourite. I am not expecting great things. Will just have to be careful I don't overdo it and also have to rekindle my previously prodigious appetite.

Anyone had meningitis and made a full recovery? The doctor said being fit and healthy before hand only makes things worse as you have further to travel back to your "norm" having been comprehensively sat on your behind by a snotty bout of illness.

Best wishes,



  • MeridiaNxMeridiaNx Posts: 7
    I'd have thought it would only be 'worse' mentally, in that you are likely to be even more frustrated at having been sedentary. Physically, wouldn't you be primed to rebound more quickly than an inactive person?

    Will still take some time though, expecially the heavy compound lifts which take it out of you (deadlifts also my favourite). Good luck!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    I'm dreading trying to get back fit for my job having broken my back and collar bone.

    I had to do it once before two years ago when I broke my leg. Going to take me a good 6 months I think...
  • coombsfhcoombsfh Posts: 186
    Cheers MeridaNx,

    I should spring back fairly quickly, however I feel absolutely shot now having showered, eaten and sat down. A week or so of feeling sub-par is to be expected but after that, hopefully, I will be on the up.

    What do you train for MeridaNx?

  • coombsfhcoombsfh Posts: 186

    Meningitis is surely a walk in the park compared to a broken back. How on earth did you do that? Obviously things could have been a lot worse if there is the chance of getting fit but would you call yourself "lucky"?

    Best wishes,

  • MeridiaNxMeridiaNx Posts: 7
    Nothing specifically Fred, which is a bit of a waste really. I come from a rugby background, and just took up weights for keeping fit when I left uni and moved to London. Got into it quite heavily (no pun intended). Currently rebuilding my lifting regimen from the ground up, having read Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe.
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