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Lhs pain below knee (exterior) worsening over time ...censored

andysolandysol Posts: 125
Right I ride to work every day 14-18mile round. About 5 weeks ago on a Sunday jaunt I had some pain in my left outer leg. Just below the knee. I atributed this to overtraining at the time and slowed down and had some time off. I checked my saddle height and it's a little low. Now adjusted. After 4weeks everything is hunky dory. However I tried for a mid pace slightly longer ride and the pain returned with a vengeance. Gradually getting worse over the ride. Until after 35mile it became clear it was not worth continuing. So I called for help.
The pain is in one leg only. Its a dull ache but occasionally a severe shooting pain. I have no swelling and sitting down prodding around I cannot pinpoint the injury. But if I raise my leg suddenly I can feel it.
The pain is worse in the typical leg raise during going up stairs /cycling not walking around.
It's now pssing me off,any advice please?
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  • jocksyboyjocksyboy Posts: 135
    go and see a Physio or sports masseur
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  • a_n_ta_n_t Posts: 2,011
    Google ITB syndrome and get stretching.
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