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time trialling

craigmcgcraigmcg Posts: 3
Hi everyone,

just wonder if anyone could help with some ideas, when i did a 20 min threshold test in november i averaged 173bpm, have had a good winter structured, but had a few work hassles march april, when racing last two weeks noticed average herat rate for 10 and 25 miles at 160bpm and well underperformed even though felt like i was trying and was tired after races, havent done many miles in last month but work can be tiring during week, have i done too much in winte, not done enough? i just dont know anymore!

Cheers guys


  • StageWinnerStageWinner Posts: 202
    Sounds like you're simply not fit enough at the moment and the extra stress in your life means you aren't recovering good enough from your efforts.

    Get fitter and make sure you get lots of rest. The times will come down.
  • GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
    What makes you think you're underperforming? And how much are you underperforming by?

    I'd be very careful of using your average HR as an indication of fitness. Even fat and unfit people can reach a high avereage HR!
  • craigmcgcraigmcg Posts: 3
    Wasnt looking at the heart rate or average during the race, was just a bit surprised to see average and max when i looked at it after race, honestly tried hard during race and was tired after, and thought i was a couple of minutes slower at 25 miles as i woukd have liked to have been
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