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Cramp after a rest period

Jeff StevensJeff Stevens Posts: 3
I appreciate there are a lot of postings on the issue of cramp, but I've had a search through and can't find anything similar to the specific circumstances in which mine have started happening. Apologies if I'm missed an obvious post, but I'd appreciate any insight you may have into my problem.

I get severe and fairly immediate (always within the first quarter of a mile) cramp in the outer and inner thigh muscles whenever I have had more than one day's rest from cycling. I've been a fairly keen road cyclist for the past two years, and have built up to the point where I am doing an average of 450 miles per month. However, for the past three months, if I stop cycling for more than one day, as soon as I get back on the bike I'm cramped almost instantly, and then it takes another two or three days to stretch and work the problem out before I can return again. Once gone I can ride pain free again, even when doing 60 and 80 mile runs, until I have another rest period, then it's back again. It's always after a period of resting. It's occurred about 4 or five times now in the past three months, and it's getting really frustrating.

I always do stretching exercises before a ride, and often do the same exercises regularly throughout a normal day. I use electrolyte and carb drinks, and always use a recovery drink when I return from a ride. I've tried bananas, drinks with quinine, but nothing seems to be stopping it. I could understand it more if it occurred after a reasonable distance, but when it happens, it's always immediately.




  • Jon8aJon8a Posts: 235
    The idea that cramp is caused by dehydration and lack of salt is being argued against quite heavily. More often it is physiological/muscular.

    Here's an interesting article. It doesn't give a reason for you particularly but might be a good starting point ... ience-say/

    Sounds like you might have a genuine problem that requires more professional advice than a forum. Injury?
  • Thanks for taking the time to reply, and for the link to the article, which is very interesting. There is a line in there that refers to cramps after a period off the bike. After reading the article, and looking back at the graph of my rides/miles per month over the past year, I suspect I may have been pushing increasingly too hard for my level of fitness. I maybe need to ease back a little.

    I might also just get my bike checked to make sure I've got it set right for me.

    Thanks for your help.

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