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Pinching nerves on foot?

ValyValy Posts: 1,321

I got some Specialized BG Pro shoes and I recently tightened and pinched a nerve on what seems to be on top of both my feet. I puta bit of padding on the middle strap on the left foot and it is now better, however the right foot does not really get much better with padding or not - so I have to make it a bit looser and in turn make the left one a bit looser too so that they don't feel too different. The left foot toe seems to be getting better but the right toes is still a bit numb as if you ust sat on it/no blood to it etc feeling - I have not had the straps too tight recently, but my right foot just seems quite sensitive now. Even when I stroke my fingers with a bit of pressure up and down the foot - I can feel the nerver getting touched.

Question - am I tightening them up stupidly tight (fairly tight, but not much tighter than my MTB shoes really), do these shoes just no suit me or .... ?????

Would really appreciate any info about anything similar you guys may have had issues with.

Thanks a lot!
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