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Hiatus Hernia

scoot67scoot67 Posts: 5
I was diagnosed with a Sliding hiatus hernia a few yrs ago With medication I am usually on top of the normal symptoms But I have spells of severe breathlessness after excercertion,sadly cycling is one of the worse triggers
It feels like my guts are in my chest and I can't fill my lungs with air

Just wondered if anyone else out there has suffered and what you did to overcome it
I am getting to the point when I go out it's on my mind and wonder if some of it is psychological ??


  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Is this while you're on the bike or afterwards?

    I suppose technically part of your stomach could be in your chest. Sounds like you need to go back to your GP, explain the problem and see if they'll refer you for surgery.

    (I have a slight HH but meds control the symptoms 100%)
  • roddixonroddixon Posts: 100
    It feels like my guts are in my chest and I can't fill my lungs with air
    This could be the case, in fact the increase in abdominal pressure during exercise could force the whole stomach, and/or parts of the intestines, into the chest where it really shouldnt be. You probably warrant a referral for further investigations or your GP may initiate some preliminary tests - go and see them to ask how best to proceed.
    With medication I am usually on top of the normal symptoms
    This wont however stop the physical herniation of the stomach itself.
  • Tri-ingTri-ing Posts: 21
    That's exactly what a sliding hiatus hernia is, part of your stomach has moved upwards.


    This picture is quite extreme and in your case, it's probably a lot less severe. If you're unsure about anything, go back and ask your GP, as he's going to know about your case specifically.

    If you're pushing a hard gear at a low cadence, your core all locks down to help give your legs something to lever off. It's the same process that happens when you go for a poo. It's locking the torso down, so the legs can do their thing. However, this increases the pressure in your abdomen. Normally, this would not be a problem but as you have a hiatus hernia, this is just going to aggravate it and is probably what is giving you the "guts in your chest" feeling?

    Perhaps using an easier gear at higher cadence would help relieve this? Reduce the amount of time you spend churning a huge gear, reduce the pressure in your abdomen and hopefully reduce the symptoms?

    Wish you the best,


    DISCLAIMER: I am a 1st year medical student, but my opinion in no way reflects true medical opinion or fact and may not reflect current thoughts on treatment. You should not take this as gospel and should consult your GP before you make any changes or decisions about your treatment.
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