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i am looking at buying a new bike and toiled between 2. my 2 choices are orbea onix.tlt with shimano ultegra runnin gear priced £1720 or specialized roubaix sl2 elite runnin gear shimano 105 priced £1650 not sure which is the best bike.
i have been told that the specialized maybe the best due to the long distance riding i do but not sure if this is a biased view as they don`nt stock orbea any comments would be appreciated


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    Why are they your only choices? For that budget there are better bikes IMHO.
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    The Roubaix is designed for long distances. It has a slightly more upright riding position and has a micro-suspension sytem built in. If someone gave me a Roubaix frame I'd not throw it back at them :-) But 1650 is on the high side for a bike with 105.

    It depends what kind if riding you want to do. Sounds like you've only been to one bike shop, I'd maybe try a few more.
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    i went to geoff smiths in bolton and also harry halls in manchester also evans at the chill factor
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    i even looked @ a ridley orion 1105a and orion 1105b but the bikes roughly look the same as the previous ones i mentioned but the ruunin gear seemed lower quality
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    i also looked @ the bike radar reviews on these bikes and all seemed good too buy but down to personnal preference
  • Some Ridley dealers are offering the Orion with 'full' Ultegra over the Summer for £1700. The calipers are Ridleys own make - but respected. I test rode one, but it has a very long top tube relative to size and therefore wasnt for me.
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