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Pimped Trek

canbakaycanbakay Posts: 282
edited June 2011 in Your road bikes
Trek by canbakay

Started off pretty stock, not so much now - wheels don't really belong on her but once in a while they switch over - really does transform the bike!

She was dolled up for a London-Brighton ride today but the weather didn't permit.

7.4 kg or so at the moment.
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  • PoulsyPoulsy Posts: 155
    Really nice looking bike. Think the saddle angle looks a bit wrong to me though.
  • Berk BonebonceBerk Bonebonce Posts: 1,245
    It is surprising how so many new to the sport want to angle their saddle down in that fashion. What is even more surprising are the twerps who come on and say things like: "Oh, if you do not get any injuries with a saddle like that, you stick with it".
  • PseudonymPseudonym Posts: 1,032
    as above - get a spirit level on that saddle sharpish....
  • aReNaReN Posts: 39
    Leaving aside the angle of the saddle, this is a beautiful bike. I would have went for black handlebar tape though, but that's just my taste.
  • canbakaycanbakay Posts: 282
    chill, saddle angle work its that simple, I was fitted for me.

    thank you! the bar tape goes white in the summer and black in the winter, the lizard skin is really a test for the new bike, so far 50k + rain = as new! was hesitant at first because of the artificial look in photos but I couldn't be happier!
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  • PseudonymPseudonym Posts: 1,032
    canbakay wrote:
    chill, saddle angle work its that simple, I was fitted for me.

    are you saying you had a bike fit and that was the angle they came up with..??
  • Lemond75Lemond75 Posts: 75
    For the sake of everyone on this forum please let us know who did your bike fit so the rest of us can avoid them like the plague.
  • carl_pcarl_p Posts: 989
    That's a really nice looking bike. Great detailing. If the saddle angle works for you that's all that matters - very TT.

    Not sure why but when I first looked at it the first thing that came into my head was the Chinese carbon frame thread.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Lemond75 wrote:
    For the sake of everyone on this forum please let us know who did your bike fit so the rest of us can avoid them like the plague.

  • Bill-87Bill-87 Posts: 155
    Really nice looking, I like the finish on the paintwork.
  • TMRTMR Posts: 3,986
    Nice looking bike - I like it :D
  • Matt the TesterMatt the Tester Posts: 1,261
    very nice bike! what on earth is wrong with that saddle people? mine is of a similiar angle and its SUPER comfy. personal prefrence.

    enjoy it :) RT Tester
    north west of england.
  • Similarly I find that riding with the saddle slightly angled (yet maybe not so severe as the one pictured) can help on long ascents where a lot of the time I am out of the saddle and having it angled as such makes it easier to get back in when easing out of steep sections.

    My cycle to university is 5 miles downhill on which I have the saddle level and the journey back is steep uphill upon which I angle the saddle with the nose slightly down so i can keep my weight forward whilst climbing.

    I guess it just falls down to personal preference however, which ever way you feel most comfortable. I wouldn't stick with it like that unless you have tried it level? If you have, then whatever works for you :D

    Lovely looking bike by the way, loving the black finish on the frame!
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  • sfichelesfichele Posts: 605
    Nice bike! But that saddle angle :shock:
  • Zoomer37Zoomer37 Posts: 725
    Jesus the Saddle Angle Police are out in force on this one.

    I'd imagine the OP has ridden this a few times and if he wasn't comfortable then he'd adjust it.
  • machmanmachman Posts: 53
    Sorry, look at stable, more money than sense!!
    Saddle wrong!
  • Percy VeraPercy Vera Posts: 1,103
    I'm not sure if anyone has said, but your saddle needs to be levelled
  • leeroy72leeroy72 Posts: 330
    Its not about the saddle angle - the bike looks mint, enjoy it pal. 8)
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    You shouldn't have a saddle that forces you forwards as it puts undue pressure on the upper body and wrists. It also affects the balance/handling of the bike. And it looks censored .
  • MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
    If he finds it to be comfortable, then what is the problem?

    People worry too much about other peoples stuff. Give it a rest.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    If you post a pic of a bike on here, expect to get it it critiqued... A lot...
  • RowCycleRowCycle Posts: 367
    Jeez, chill guys.

    Maybe this guy has bigger cahonies and needs a bit more clearance at the front afforded by the saddle tilt. Maybe he's a retard and hasn't a clue what he is doing.

    Either way, you try a few different, decide on the one is the best for you and go with it.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    This is the 'your road bikes' section.

    Unless it confirms to RoadNazi standards, it's going to get, I believe the term is, 'flamed'...

    Not least by me...

  • HTLHTL Posts: 23
    Very nice mate, I have the 3.1. On seeing this I wish I spent a little bit more and got yours. However, I do love the Madone frame, so not too bitter :wink:
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 8,961
    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I really love the colour scheme on this one.

    And that's one hell of a stable you have there! What is it: one for club runs, one for crits/racing, one for sportives and the Marin for trails?

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