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My Rigid Single Speed Hardrock

BazzokaJoeBazzokaJoe Posts: 38
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My first real bike, got it brand new about 5 years ago and its been great. now my winter and muddy bike, as i don't like getting my genesis filthy... plus this is easier to clean ;) excuse the mud please, as just before a clean :P

Running DMR cranks with a single speed setup (36/16) with Carbon forks from exotic, along with maxxis high rollers...

So... what you guys think?


  • hucking_fellhucking_fell Posts: 1,056
    Should ride nice. I ran my hardtail singlespeed 36T/16T and it was spot on for commuting and all but the steepest bits of trail centres :D

    I found that light, fast rolling tyres made a big difference and would have liked a rigid carbon fork but didn't get around to it.
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  • BazzokaJoeBazzokaJoe Posts: 38
    i like the large carcass of the High rollers, makes it feel like i'm riding a FS :P

    But yea, if i was commuting on this i'm sure i would rather faster rolling tires, But this bike is all about being used in all conditions... and improving my fitness ;)
  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    Nice..never tried a SS....then again I get cream crackered tackling hills with 30 of the buggers !!
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  • turnerjohnturnerjohn Posts: 1,069
    liking the colour co-ordinated bike stand !

    top bike !
  • BazzokaJoeBazzokaJoe Posts: 38

    Reduce reuse recycle! ;)

    I was surprised... the ss isnt that much different... its more of an experience each time i cycle, as you have nothing to concentrate on other than riding and enjoying it :P

    No forks to lock and unlock... no gears to shift and worry about the chain skipping going up hills.... plus you'll be amazed at how close you get to deer and birds out on the trails... this runs almost silently (no cable to knock together, very little click from the free-wheel, no chain slap)

    If you have room for another bike... i highly recommend a rigid single speed :D
  • Second BazzokaJoe re SS.
    I have a rigid singlespeed - an old crmo Specialized Hardrock. Presently my fav bike, and i have several. Commute on it on slicks. I whizzes along :D
  • i love mine too :)

    slowly working down the number of teeth on the back end :D

    currently running 34t - 14t

    its tough going... but my thighs and calfs are getting HUGE
  • My hardrock is singlespeed now. Thinking of going rigid as well, looks like fun & ideal for winter.
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