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Solihull-birmingham-west mids!

GdclayGdclay Posts: 15
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Hi, is there anyone about from the birmingham area? Ive just brought my first bike so am an absaloute novice looking to get involved in mtb, any advice on places to go etc would be appreciated, cheers


  • stumpym4stumpym4 Posts: 216
    Hi , welcome to the world of mtb, you`ll love it in brum and either ride, cannock .. lickey hills etc, you also have clent or wyre forest near bewdley which is very good ....
    if you fancy something less hilly , then head over to sutton park , its ok for a few hrs of riding ... even the canals are ok to get out on for a few hrs .. what ever you do just enjoy it ..
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  • GdclayGdclay Posts: 15
    Thanks for the reply tony, ive been riding the canels as its right behind my house to get my fitness up a bit and am commuting to work this week, have purchased a cycle carrier today so can now venture further afield and get muddy! Cheers for the advice on places to go
  • sassysarahsassysarah Posts: 421
    A lot of Midland rider are on the Wyre Forest Thread....if you post up on there i'm sure someone will show you around their a friendly group
    Biking censored of Wyre....rides with anyone!
  • star-trailsstar-trails Posts: 68
    just got new bikes myself and looking for new places and friends to enjoy them with

    amy n scott
  • GdclayGdclay Posts: 15
    Cheers will do, yeah me 2 just got a cycle carrier so can now venture further afield also
  • star-trailsstar-trails Posts: 68
    lucky you , we havnt even got a car to attatch one , so tricky finding good spots.x
  • GdclayGdclay Posts: 15
    Not so much lucky as lazy! I no what you mean about finding places to go, im sure someone on here will no of somewhere by you though
  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998

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  • GdclayGdclay Posts: 15
  • GdclayGdclay Posts: 15
    anyone else from around here go to cannock or the wyre?
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