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Under active thyroid

gixxerbossgixxerboss Posts: 87
Not sure where to post this question,
At the end of last year i started to feel really tired, and had to push myself for anything, my doctor has now diagnosed me with under active thyroid my symptoms are getting worse, does anyone suffer from this and how long does the medication take to work,
its seems to be getting even to hard to cycle.


  • B3rnieMacB3rnieMac Posts: 384
    my girlfriend has an under active thyroid - it could take them a while to get your dosage of thyroxin sorted out to the correct level, but in her experience she started feeling a lot better in a matter of 2-3 weeks.
  • gixxerbossgixxerboss Posts: 87
    Cheers doctor has been trying for months with the dosage, but least i know that you do eventually get sorted, do you know what dosage tablets she takes.
  • B3rnieMacB3rnieMac Posts: 384
    she's on 200 mcg now, which works for her. but they started her on 50 and kinda worked their way up from there, probably took a year before they got her to where she is now...mileage may vary, her GP is absolutely terrible!
  • gixxerbossgixxerboss Posts: 87
    Thanks very much for the info, i'm only on 75mg at min and they started me on 25, so i've a long way to go yet i think. looks like i wont be getting on the bike much this year then.
  • Novomix30Novomix30 Posts: 34
    Don't worry too much, usual dose is somewhere around 1.5mcg /kg weight.
    If you weigh 80 kilos you'll need roughly 125mcg daily. This dose does vary from person to person though.

    Shouldn't take a year if you are young and otherwise healthy, 4-6 months maximum.
  • B3rnieMacB3rnieMac Posts: 384
    i would say my girlfriend was a fairly severe case, ever since i knew her she would struggle to put any weight on despite eating like a GT rider daily, then boom - went from a very overactive throid to a non-existant , weight gain, sluggishness, you'll hopefully not be as bad as her.

    symptoms started to subside even with the smallest dose so you never know, you could be riding sooner than you think :):)
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