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Aldi compression pants, Why bother?

DF33DF33 Posts: 732
Friend bought a pack of these today in his size.
Vest and pants (underwear) £10

They only come half way down his thigh muscle, 10" short of his knee. He said they don't even feel as though they are doing anything, his ordinary thin licra shorts do more apparently. They certainly looked as though they were about as supportive as a standard pair of cut off ladies tights.

Begs the question why bother making something that is so clearly far, far too short to cover the area and so thin / weak that they do nothing. Something is only value if it does it's job.

You don't expect masses when at a price point and some of Aldis stuff is quite good, very good if you add in the price point. But these, why bother?


  • rdtrdt Posts: 869
    Sounds like he should get a refund and maybe buy a few pairs of their bargain cycling mits and a bottle of Cava "recovery drink" instead.
  • GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
    It's the compression tight bandwagon.
  • DF33DF33 Posts: 732
    I've never used them myself. I'm sure they have a place in a hard training regime. Seems to me outdoor sport is all about kit and latest stuff now, not a out the enjoyment of it.
    Joss Naylor (a god in the fell running circles and still running ultra distances in amazing times whilst drawing his pension) jumps in the stream next to his farm to chill his legs down after a run and has done for decades. One of the best tips you can have. Rainwater barrel in the garden, squat in it for 5 mins after a hard ride then go and shower. No need for latest fads and gels and bits and clothing etc unless your at the top of the tree and need to shave .01% of time off to be on the podium.

    Told my mate that. Deaf ears. Thinks he can buy his way to an easier ride.
  • springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
    I have just 'jumped' on the compression tight bandwagon.

    Have resisted due to the cost.. but a triathlete friend of mine swears by them for recovery.

    I figured that if I was going to get some.... there was no point in getting cheap ones that don't actually compress.. so got the 2XU ones.

    They were expensive (£65 for the elite)... but have yet to do a long ride to see if they help recovery. Time will tell.

    Rainwater barrel in the garden does like a great idea.. but a pair of tights sounds like much less hassle :)
  • overgearedovergeared Posts: 32
    he bought something from aldi and expected it to be decent?!
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