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Bike fit or wrong set up??

dg74dg74 Posts: 656

I'm not a relative new comer to cycling but something has been bugging me this week.

I've a 58cm Specialized, running a triple but never use the granny ring, I'm 5'10", but cannot seem to get a decent power transfer to the pedals.

My average speed is 14/15 mph yet a mate of mine has just bought a Trek 1.2 (new model) and he is new to cycling but can drop me at the slightest moment with ease. I've watched his method and to me, it seems he is doing less work but is more efficient. I, on the other hand, am like how Billy Connolly describes Scottish footballers (some people will get that joke).

Any ideas? I know it's probably wise to see how the bike is set up but I just need a couple of ideas before I head to the local bike fit shop.



  • SteveR_100MilersSteveR_100Milers Posts: 5,987
    post a photo of you on the bike normal riding position on the hoods side view.
  • danowatdanowat Posts: 2,877
    a 58cm Spesh for someone 5ft 10 sounds a little on the big side to me.
  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    Your mate could just be inherently fitter? If he comes from another aerobic sport the crossover to cycling might be quite impressive - especially in certain short term situations.

    Otherwise you probably need to think about cadence and effort through the pedals. If you're too stretched /bunched legs won't work freely, chest/lungs will be strained etc. I'm 5ft 7" & ride a 54 cm bike - hubby who is 5. 10 rides a 54 too (I've long thighs/legs in comparison to him) so a 58 might be a bit too big (as already suggested) leaving you too stretched.

    You could correct this to a degree with a shorter/rising stem, and a straight saddle post (with no setback) but photos would help!
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    58cm frame for someone 5'10" seems a bit big. I'm 5'8" and I'd ride a 54cm so I'd have thought a 56cm would be easily big enough for you.

    But it could be that your mate is just fitter and/or more powerful than you. Genetics and all that.
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