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kacknar0800kacknar0800 Posts: 19
Hello all!
This might be long winded so sorry in advance!

I am pretty new to the sport well very new I have only been training properly for around 2 weeks now but have come into issues around work and my training.

The work I do means I spend much of my shifts out on a MTB often for up to 5 hours at a time of riding around and have covered as much as 50 miles in one shift but have been doing this job for over a year and well before I decided to take up cycling in my own time.

Now these miles defiantly arn't training and are often quite slow due to the fact I have to carry around 2 stone of equipment on myself and then the bikes arn't exactly lightweight racers.

I often start at early afternoon shift until late night so have been going out for a training ride on my road bike before work however by the time I get to work and get on my work bike it's safe to say I am not nearly as capable as normal.

I'm not concerned of being tired however being tired in my job could cause issues should any issues arise, I am more concerned about having a training ride then a fair few miles at work is going to cause me any damage or mess up my training?

or is this a case of MTFU as I suspect, as I said my main concern is injury

Any advise is appreciated!
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