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Stomach infection - impact 7 days later....?

IanTrcpIanTrcp Posts: 761
Last week I had a nasty stomach infection. So nasty that I couldn't stave off the dehydration (despite recognising the symptoms) so ended up in hospital on a drip for 2 days. All symptoms gone and I felt fine when I was released on Sunday. I decided to to take the week off from riding.

Went out yesterday morning for a gentle trial spin - 64k around the Surrey Hills with about 1,000m of climbing. Took it easy and felt ok. But I was very tired yesterday afternoon and have simply no energy today. To be frank I feel like cr*p.

Is this an after effect of last week's drama? If so, how long might it take before I'm back to normal??? Has anyone here had a similar experience they'd care to share??

Etape is coming and I need to get some km's in!


  • briantrumpetbriantrumpet Posts: 13,228
    I think sometimes we underestimate how long the body takes to get over certain things - I certainly wouldn't be surprised if a major stomach upset could take a couple of weeks or more to recover from. Fortunately I've never been in that situation, but I know that when I had the flu in 1990 it took me several weeks, and I unwisely went back to work when I felt 'just good enough' to work (I was self-employed), rather than waiting till I was properly recovered - I reckon the recovery took longer as a result.

    The body is often quite good at telling you when to rest - if you listen to it. I hope you get over your problems soon!
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